1. 最優秀賞:「私の娘」(アルゼンチン)
2. 優秀賞:「モレナ」(アルゼンチン)


Winners of the 2015 Spotlight on Gaucher Film Contest

The winning video entries were announced for International Gaucher Day – October 1, 2015.

My Daughter & Gaucher Disease

Contest Winner

My Daughter & Gaucher Disease

Juliana was diagnosed at the age of one. Watch her mother, Nora, tell the story of her daughters experience of the disease. (Argentina)

Morena's Story

Runner Up

Morena’s Story

Older Brother Rodrigo was diagnosed with Gaucher Disease first. Morena was diagnosed shortly after. Watch a sister’s story. (Argentina)

Contest Entries

Here you can view contest entries from the Gaucher community.

Sharing experience of Gaucher disease may empower others to better face the challenges of living with the condition, while also raising awareness of the signs and symptoms.

Children with Type II and Type III Gaucher Disease in Japan

The majority of Gaucher disease patients in Japan are diagnosed as Type II or Type III, which is characterized by neurological problems. Watch a video montage about the lives of children in Japan who have Gaucher disease. (Japan)

My Life with Gaucher

Learn more about a day in the life with Gaucher disease. (Israel)

Little Miss Hannah’s Video

Watch this moving story about Hannah’s fight with Gaucher disease and how her family are continuing to raise awareness of the condition. Hannah sadly passed away at the age of 3 years, 4 months, but her story continues in her memory. (USA)

A Father’s Story of Gaucher Disease

A father discusses the challenges for his young son with Faucher Disease living in Rwanda. (Africa)

Jhon Jairo’s Advice

hon Jairo shares his words of advice on how to cope with living with Gaucher disease. (Colombia)

Gaucher Disease in Russia

Watch a video montage about the lives of people in Russia impacted by Gaucher disease. (Russia)

Jana’s Story…Lost in the Desert of Gaucher Disease

Little six year old Jana was diagnosed with Type I Gaucher disease in 2012. Watch her mother tell her story. (Jordan)

Camila’s Story

20 year old Camila was diagnosed with Gaucher disease just over a year ago. Hear her story since diagnosis. (Argentina)

Bianca’s Story

Watch young Bianca and her mum tell people about Gaucher Disease and their hope for earlier diagnosis. (Argentina)

Maria’s Story

Childhood and adolescence was a difficult time for Maria, learn how her diagnosis of Gaucher Disease has made her a different person today. (Colombia)

Rodrigo’s Story

Rodrigo and Morena are siblings, and both have Gaucher disease. Watch more about Rodrigo’s diagnosis and life with Gaucher. (Argentina)

Life with Gaucher

Gaucher disease patient Elaine reads a poem about her experience of living with Gaucher disease called “My Life”. (Israel)